Thursday , 20 January 2022
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“liberian football chief faces fifa ban for money laundry”

Liberian football chief faces FIFA ban for money laundry

The Ethics Committee of FIFA has already banned Musa Hassan Bility, the African football chief. The official is totally expelled from this kind of sport for a decade. It’s a result of a recent probe into the funding of the Liberian Football Association.

Musa turns out to be an ex-LFA head as well as an actual member of the CAF. The official openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the sport watchdog’s recent measures aimed at gaining control over African football.

On Wednesday, it was reported by FIFA that Musa is accused of misappropriating funds allocated by FIFA. What’s more, the official is claimed to have received benefits. Another accusation of the official has to do with his participation in situations of conflict of interest, breaking the FIFA Code of Ethics.

There’s a pact according to which Fatma Samoura, the FIFA General Secretary is going to face a secondment for the purpose of overhauling the African governing body. Earlier, Musa had told that he’s going to apply for the Switzerland-based Court of Arbitration for Sport with the request to consider that agreement invalid.

“liberian football chief faces fifa ban for money laundry”

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