Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Lampard, Derby Boss Mocks Bielsa By Calling Them Impersonator

Frank Lampard, the boss of Derby County has taken a new lead at rival Marcelo Bielsa from Leeds United after FA Cup has been shocked by Southampton. In a discussion with the media, Bielsa has stated that gone to great lengths in regards to watching on the opponents which include every match from both seasons and also in the campaign of 2017–18.

However, Lampard’s very side has been defeated by Leeds on Friday and it seems like he is far from being impressed. When he had been asked about Bielsa, he said that if people are ready for the presentation as he has an analysis tool. He said that he doesn’t know what Bielsa has said even though he has heard about it. He doesn’t want to say what it is but people know what actually is happening. According to him, this is an issue of the football league and it happens to every team. Now, it is completely up to them to decide what they are going to do. He feels that he an impression of football and he hasn’t seen any other club manager do that. They do it behind the closed doors and not in public. He has stated that it is an eye-opener for the fans. This is because it is usually done behind the closed door. It is just a part and parcel of football but it has surprised him to a great extent since he has not seen anybody do it. Source:

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