Monday , 6 February 2023

Keane Awaits Pochettino To Stick To Tottenham For Long-Term

Robbie Keane is expecting that Mauricio Pochettino is in Tottenham for a long period of time and describes club being at the point of something really special. Pochettino, previously, had been related to the job at Manchester United.

Keane, the former striker of Tottenham have stated that Pochettino is important for the expectations of the club to continue with the progress and talks before the clash of Sunday with Manchester United. He had been adamant that this Argentine is going to put out. Keane also has to say that they are quite convinced that they are going to be a long period of time. He has said that he is really happy being a part of the club and is trying to build something exciting. Pochettino hasn’t been able to win anything since the time he came to the club but he has been able to make significant progress from the time when Keane and Jamie Redknapp had been there. This went another step under Redknapp and have done an exceptional job. The squad is progressing with Pochettino and it is important that he stays with the team. If he is able to win something for the club that he has built, is going to be great for the team. He has been able to transform Dele Alli and Harry Kane into superstars. It has been incredible and thus, it is important that Daniel Levy makes sure that he stays with the team.

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