Monday , 27 June 2022
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Is Real Madrid a Neymar New Team?

One would hardly doubt Neymar is one of the most prodigious players of the new generation. He boasts exceptional drilling and scoring skills on the pitch in addition to great passing. The Brazilian star can suit any bill from top European clubs that might want to see him in their starting lineup. The striker keeps one improving his scoring sheet. Last year’s stats highlight 25 goals and 16 assists in both League 1 and the UEFA Cup. Neymar has certainly got into the action during the current season as well. However, the Brazilian star seems to be disappointed with living in the French capital. In addition, he was rumored to have some tension with Mbappe. Is it time for him to change the club? What team is Neymar on in 2019? Will Real Madrid be the next Neymar club? Let’s find it out! 

Rumors around Moving to Madrid

It seems like Real Madrid does not actually care about Neymar progress and stats. The club’s scouts and managers will hardly give up hopes to bring the Brazilian to the Spanish capital. It is yet unclear if the player is eager to get back to La Liga for the second time in his career. What are the odds? SOURCE All we know is that tie former CR7 team has already made several efforts to sing the Brazilian. They expect to complete all the formalities by the end of 2019. In other words, we might watch Neymar Jr playing in Real Madrid jersey in the nearest summer. According to some French sources, Spanish agents have already got in touch with Neymar’s father, who works as his son’s agent. While the rumors about Neymar joining Los Blancos are spreading around, some football legends share their opinion regarding the possible transfer. For example, Brazilian ex-star Rivaldo said it was inevitable for his fellow to move to La Liga despite the fact the 26-year old striker assumed he would stay in PSG. 

Madrid Is Ready to Welcome Its New Star

Los Blancos supporters are waiting with anticipation for Neymar to join their favs. Florentino Perez was rumored to spend £270 million for the transfer. The deal would probably work out if it were not for sanctions towards PSG because of financial fair play violation. 

Photo by Santos Futebol Clube
At the same time, we should note that Real Madrid was firstly aimed at signing Neymar’s teammate Mbappe but failed. Kylian refused to leave Paris. Neymar appeared to be the second A‑star player in the list. 

Madrid Needs a Boost

It is obvious that Real Madrid urgently needs a new lease of life. Players like Neymar would be like an injection of adrenaline especially after Ronaldo leaving the club for Juve. Moreover, Perez does not have a star player to build his team around. The Brazilian might turn into the marquee “Galactico”. Otherwise, Los Blancos will never have a chance to take the challenge from their most sever rivals from Barcelona.

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