Monday , 27 June 2022

Is It a French Football Fiesta This Season?

The football world was sent into chaos this year when France came out tops in the FIFA World Cup. You can’t argue that the team brought its A‑Game this year – the statistics speak for themselves. Amongst the top teams, it also had the dubious honour of getting the highest number of yellow cards, but overall, it proved that it had mastered the art of fancy footwork.

If you want more information on the full statistics, the infographic bellow by will fill in the other details. While all the players did an excellent job, it was clear that Kylian Mbappe was having the tournament of his life. The 19-year-old scored a total of three goals, one of which he scored during the final. It looks like the player considered one of the most expensive transfers in the world is worth every cent of the €180 million that was paid over when he transferred from Monaco to PSG. That the player is well-settled with his new team is clear, and his future does look bright. Unfortunately, just a few days ago he was injured in a friendly match against Uruguay. We covered it in this post, so you can get the full details there. It’s a blow for the team, especially since Mbappe has scored a total of 15 goals between club and international matches this season. At this point, the team has confirmed that the shoulder injury is serious, but they say that he’ll need a full medical workup before they know for sure how bad the injury is and how long he’s going to be out of action for. The team has dealt with another serious setback when Neymar injured his adductor muscle just a few minutes into the match between Brazil and Cameroon. Fans hoping to see the player put in a full game were bitterly disappointed as it was just six minutes into the game that he had to go off due to the injury. He was looked over by the Brazilian team doctor who said that the injury was, in principle, not all that serious. The doctor did, however, say that Neymar suffered some discomfort, and that the injury would have to be properly evaluated to determine how extensive it was. 

Overall, for PSG fans it hasn’t been a great week and it’s one that ended on a relatively uncertain note. With the two-star players nursing injuries, it looks like PSG has a tough time ahead of it. Whether it’ll end its season on a high note is seriously in question now, especially since it failed to make it to the finals of the National League.

Will the two top players recover fully and be able to finish off the season? If we take the comments of Brazil’s team doctor to heart, it does look as though we could see Neymar back on the field again soon. But with injuries like this, who’s to say? If you’re a PSG fan, you’ll need to send out a silent prayer that Neymar and Mbappe’s injuries are not as serious as they seem. 

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