Friday , 1 July 2022

Hasenhuttl Wants Team Signings To Adhere To His Philosophy

The boss of Southampton, Ralph Hasenhuttl has stated that they are not just looking to reduce their team. However, they want to get players that will be suitable for his philosophy. He has admitted that his team is too big at present and has to be reduced by sales with Manolo Gabbiadini and Steven Davis being associated with exits. 

Irrespective of such offload, Hasenhuttl hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a signing if the players cater to the requirement of his philosophy. Also, the player has to be a long-term investment. Hasenhuttl has also said that there are only a few players who are interested in him and the truth is that his team is extremely big at the moment. Thus, they have to sell players to the clubs that he is interested in. This might take place in the next few weeks or even days. He says that for his kind of football, the kind of philosophy he has, he requires more along with more running quality. Thus, they will require more players. For this, they have to reduce the squad a little and then check out if they can find someone who will be able to fulfill the deficits. According to him, the team is open-minded and they have their eyes open. This is the reason that they know that it isn’t easy to find transfers in the winter period. Moreover, if they do something, it has to be for the future.

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