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Harry Redknapp States That Eden Hazard Wanted To Join Tottenham

Eden Hazard had become a part of Chelsea in the year 2012 and has scored his hundredth goal for this club. Nonetheless, it might have all been different with the Belgian international reported joining Tottenham. 

During this time Harry Redknapp had been the boss of Spurs and he had revealed that deal had almost at the brim of completion. He said that he tried signing Hazard for Tottenham. He believes that international star player wanted to come to Tottenham during this time. However, quite, unfortunately, the deal was called off. This is a shame. He goes on to say that Joe Cole had been playing with him when he was in Lille and he called Harry up to say that he is playing with a boy at the club and he feels that he is the best player that he has ever come across. Joe is known to have played with some of the top players of Chelsea. Hazard started playing for a team for the first time in the year 2007-08. However, he only grabbed the attention of the prospective suitors when he scored 10 goals in every competition only last year. Harry Redknapp followed the advice given to him by Cole and made a journey to check out if the player was worth buying. He went to Lille 4 times but what he saw in the first time had been enough. He said that he kept turning up to meet with him. Redknapp had been the boss of the Spurs for 4 years from 2008–2012. Hazard had some public disagreements in recent weeks with Sarri. As a matter of fact, he has laughed off the criticism that has been made by Maurizio Sarri with the foal got Tottenham out of the place in the finals of EFL Cup. Chelsea had a deficit of 1–0 in the second leg of semi-final but the scores from Hazard and N’Golo Kante had been rewarded with the first-half display. The header of Fernando Llorente has restored the total parity. However, Chelsea had converted 4 out of 4 penalties as Lucas Moura and Eric Dier erred for the visitors. Sarri had doubts about the mentality of the players. Also, he questions their hunger for the battle as they went down by 2–0 against Arsenal in Premier League. Words seemed to have generated a collective response. When Hazard had been asked if he had been affected by the observations of Sarri, he broke into a wide grin and said that he doesn’t really care about it. Redknapp made a comment on this and said that he doesn’t know why Sarri is criticizing Hazard. According to him, every time Hazard gets the ball, the game seems to change. Redknapp believes that he is amazing and football is his strong point. He is a great player who has the ability to change the pace and the direction. It is simply amazing to watch the way he portrays himself on the field.
While Harry Redknapp speaks about missing out on an opportunity to be the manager of Eden Hazard, the Belgian international is enthusiastic with the arrival of Gonzalo Higuain. He feels that he will be able to fill the void which had been made by Diego Costa. Moreover, he believes that Higuain will make sure that The Blues is the primary source for the remaining season. Hazard has stated that he is eager to play with the international striker of Argentina. He states that he likes playing with the top players. In his team, he had been able to play with one of the best players Costa for 3 years. According to him, Higuain is one of the best at present. He has managed to score a lot of goals. If someone takes a look at his career they will notice that he has been able to score everywhere, Napoli, Real Madrid, and Juventus. Hazard strongly believes that he will be able to do the same in Chelsea. Hazard goes on to say that they have been doing good this season but they have missed the guy for scoring one goal. They have enjoyed only a handful number of games where the squad had been able to play well. However, in the end, they finished with 0 goals even after creating some chances. Against Tottenham, if they had a striker who would have been able to score 3 goals, they would have been able to win the match by 5–1. However, this simply didn’t happen. Source: https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1077776/Chelsea-news-Harry-Redknapp-Eden-Hazard-Tottenham

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