Sunday , 31 May 2020

Guardiola Offers Insight Into Management Tribulations

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City has given a fascinating insight into the aspects of being a manager. He has won everything as the club boss, 3 Bundesliga, 3 La Liga, 3 Club World Cups, 3 Champions League Crowns, and many other trophies. As a matter of fact, he is chasing the 2nd consecutive title in Premier League.


Albeit, he has admitted that he enjoyed playing more than managing, Guardiola has talked about enjoying in the dugout. However, he insists that the players should get most of the credit for the success of the team.

He stated that the best time when someone decided to play in a certain manner and it works out. In the end, the result is decided by the consequences and the titles. However, the pleasure is derived when you imagine the game or the players playing it in a certain manner. Also, the way it takes place is also interesting. This gives major satisfaction as a manager and that is the reason he is the manager. The opponent plays in a certain manner and they are going to do something with the players that they have. It is just incredible.

When Guardiola was asked about the reason behind his success he only said, good teams. He said that he does his best and is a good manager, but good teams have helped him to achieve his success, be it Bayern Munich, Barcelona, or Manchester City, 3 great organizations, clubs, and some great players.


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