Tuesday , 20 April 2021
Gaizka Mendieta, James Rodriguez, Real Madrid

Gaizka Mendieta thinks James Rodriguez doesn’t unleash his potential at Real Madrid

Gaizka Mendieta, a Liga star in the past, believes James Rodriguez hasn’t unleashed his potential while playing as an attacking midfielder at Real Madrid. Gaizka Mendieta sees James Rodriguez as a great playmaker. However, a Spanish star wasn’t at the highest level since joining Real Madrid. Mendieta thinks no one has seen all of Rodriguez’s advantages yet.

For Mendieta James Rodriguez is a real player. Mendieta appreciates all of Rodriguez’s efforts and enjoys watching his playing. However, the star can’t demonstrate his talents due to injury.

The last Liga season was frozen since March due to the COVID-19, but the action is planned to begin this weekend. Mendieta doesn’t think the quarantine will have a bad influence on players in the long term. Moreover, he believes that all these unpleasant events will change society, players and impart a lesson concerning the priorities in life.

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