Monday , 6 February 2023

Fulham To Take Serious Action Against Racial Abuse Of Kamara

Fulham says that they are going to take the strongest action against the racial abuse of Aboubakar Kamara on social media due to his penalty miss against Huddersfield. 

According to Claudio Ranieri, Kamara had disobeyed the orders of the team and had seized the ball. He had an argument with Aleksandar Mitrovic who is the regular penalty taker of the club. Subsequently, he had missed out on the late kick. Mitrovic is known to have nested within the injury time in order to snap the 6 games run off without a win for Fulham. However, the victory had been marred by some abusive post on the social media account of Kamara. Certain posts had been abusive. A spokesperson from Fulham said that they know about the several hurtful comments which have been posted on the social media account of Aboubakar Kamara. He said that pride takes pride in their civility and respect and they severely condemn someone who is related to this kind of activity. The spokesperson when on to say that they will support that Aboubakar needs and is going to take strong action against the people who are responsible for this. Ranieri, the boss of Fulham has said that Kamara had disrespected him along with his teammates and club. Thus, the club is thinking about dropping him for the match against Arsenal on Tuesday. He feels that he is a striker and he is looking for goals. He might have wanted to score and scored the last penalty. He says that this normal as he is young and it can happen.

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