Wednesday , 30 November 2022

Football will Save The Planet Samsung Galaxy 11 Football Ad

So here is the best team of the world which is called as called as Galaxy 11. The team is developed by Samsung & they call it Galaxy 11. What will you call it if all top football players all over the world play together. They are not playing against each other. This time, they are united to save our planet from the aliens who challenged us to play football at next level.

Why Galaxy 11 Football Team is Developed, Story of Galaxy 11

Football will save the planet All of it started when people of Brazil saw some black signals in sky of Rio de Janerio, in the screens of Time Square, New York City as well as fields in London. Then there was a tape which was given to the police which read #WINNERTAKESEARTH. As the name suggests, the winner of the match will be the owner of earth. About a week later, all around Europe, people noticed some bizarre dressed strangers who are not look like human. They were looking like they came from other planet. Their complete dress-up was consists of black color. They were spotted, along side Beckenbauer himself at the home stadium of Bayern Munich which is Allianz Arena, Juventus Arena & home stadium of Chelsea i.e. Stamford Bridge. There was again same message i.e. #WINNERTAKESEARTH The aliens then offered a challenge which stated that “If human win then the earth will be saved & if they don’t they we will destroy this planet”. The football legend accepted that challenge & he started his best team to face the aliens. We all know this is just a Television ad campaign led by Samsung & I’m sure this is the most creative ad campaign of South Korean giant. All football fans love their superstars & they wants best from their stars. But Samsung has made a creation of best footballers who will now unite together & play for earth.

Football Players for Galaxy 11 Samsung Ad

Beckenbauer select his first player to face aliens in name of Lionel Messi & some of his players are revealed for the best team which is Galaxy 11. Here are the top players who are selected for the Galaxy 11 football squad. Lionel Messi as Captain [Argentina], Cristiano Ronaldo [Portugal], Alexander Kerzhakov [Russia], Landon Donovan [United States], Wayne Rooney [England], Iker Casillas [Spain], Lee Chung Young [Korea], Radamel Falcao [Colombia], Victor Moses [Nigeria], Stephen El Shaarawy [Italy], Wu Lei [China], Oscar dos Santos [Brazil], Mario Gotze [Germany].

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  1. J. P. Cinelli See the part 1. SAMSUNG PLAGIARISM SCAM. Please inform and SHARE.

  2. J. P. Cinelli SAMSUNG PLAGIARISM SCAM. Please inform and SHARE

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