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Football quotes on Rain

Football Quotes On Rain Topic

List of best ever football quotes on Rain Topic: If you are football fan, then you are probably fond of playing football in rain. No matter what kind of whether it is, we always likes to play this beautiful game in any whether unless it is windy. Refresh yourself with these great sayings on rainy football.

Football quotes on Rain

Football Quotes On Rain Topic

Anyone who thinks sunshine is happiness,
has never played football in the rain.

Playing football in rain or without rain
makes you forget all sorrows and worries.

Some people walk in the rain,
I’d rather play football in the rain.

Nothing is more important than
a kiss under the rain,
Except soccer in the rain
that is true beauty.

I have played in rain before.
I have played in wind before.
I have played in cold before,
But not all put together.
They were the hardest conditions
I ever played in.
‑Michelle Wie quotes

Football is an incredible game.
Sometimes it’s so incredible, it’s unbelievable.
‑Tom Landry

Rain Rain, don’t go away
Come again another day
Little Johnny want to play
Rain Rain, don’t go away

Football players with goal succeed
Because they know where they’re going.

Everybody wants happiness
Nobody wants pain, but you
can’t have a rainbow without
a little pain.

Happiness is playing football in the rain.

Playing football in rain is one of the
memorable and happiest day of your life.

If you are saying that nobody likes to play
Football in rain, you are the biggest liar. 

Your football goals should be out of reach,
But never out of sight.

I like those people who likes to play football when it’s raining

Maybe raindrops are the bravest thing
created by God. Want to know why?
It is because they never afraid of falling.

I always feel my best when I play football in rain.

So these are the best football quotes on rain. Hope you like these quotes.

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