Friday , 18 June 2021
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FIFA World Cup 2018 AFC qualifiers fixtures in ist

FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Fixtures In IST [Indian Standard Time]

FIFA World Cup 2018 Europe [UEFA] Qualifiers IST Fixtures

FIFA World Cup 2018 Europe [UEFA] Qualifiers

MatchDate [India]India [IST]
Slovakia vs England4 Sept 20169:30 pm
Lithuania vs Slovenia4 Sept 20169:30 pm
Denmark vs Armenia4 Sept 20169:30 pm
Kazakhstan vs Poland4 Sept 20169:30 pm
San Marino vs Azerbaijan4 Sept 20169:30 pm
Czech Republic vs Northern Ireland4 Sept 201611:30 pm
Norway vs Germany4 Sept 201611:30 pm
Romania vs Montenegro4 Sept 201611:30 pm
Malta vs Scotland4 Sept 201611:30 pm
Georgia vs Austria5 Sept 20169:30 pm
Serbia vs Republic of Ireland5 Sept 201611:30 pm
Wales vs Moldova5 Sept 201611:30 pm
Spain vs Liechtenstein5 Sept 201611:30 pm
Albania vs FYR Macedonia5 Sept 201611:30 pm
Israel vs Italy5 Sept 201611:30 pm
Croatia vs Turkey5 Sept 201611:30 pm
Ukraine vs Iceland5 Sept 201611:30 pm
Cyprus vs Belgium6 Sept 201611:30 pm
Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Estonia6 Sept 201611:30 pm
Faroe Islands vs Hungary6 Sept 201611:30 pm
Switzerland vs Portugal6 Sept 201611:30 pm
Andorra vs Latvia6 Sept 201611:30 pm
Sweden vs Netherlands6 Sept 201611:30 pm
Bulgaria vs Luxembourg6 Sept 201611:30 pm
Belarus vs France6 Oct 201611:30 pm
Austria vs Wales6 Oct 201611:30 pm
Moldova vs Serbia6 Oct 201611:30 pm
Republic of Ireland vs Georgia6 Oct 201611:30 pm
Iceland vs Finland6 Oct 201611:30 pm
Turkey vs Ukraine6 Oct 201611:30 pm
Italy vs Spain6 Oct 201611:30 pm
Liechtenstein vs Albania6 Oct 201611:30 pm
FYR Macedonia vs Israel6 Oct 201611:30 pm
Belgium vs Bosnia and Herzegovina7 Oct 201611:30 pm
Greece vs Cyprus7 Oct 201611:30 pm
France vs Bulgaria7 Oct 201611:30 pm
Portugal vs Andorra7 Oct 201611:30 pm
Latvia vs Faroe Islands7 Oct 201611:30 pm
Hungary vs Switzerland7 Oct 201611:30 pm
Netherlands vs Belarus7 Oct 201611:30 pm
Luxembourg vs Sweden7 Oct 201611:30 pm

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