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FIFA World Cup 2018 AFC qualifiers fixtures in ist

FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Fixtures In IST [Indian Standard Time]

The FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifiers has been stared. Here you will get the schedule fixtures of 2018 Football World Cup qualification rounds according to Indian Standard Time. The first match of qualification process was played on 12th March 2015 and it will run till 14th November 2017. Being host nation, Russia already qualified for the finals and the remaining thirty one teams will qualify via qualification process. For the first time, Bhutan will play the qualifier round.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Asia Qualifiers Fixtures In IST

FIFA World Cup 2018 AFC qualifiers fixtures in ist

MatchDate [Indian]Time [IST]
Myanmar vs Lebanon8 Oct 20155:30 pm
Bhutan vs Maldives8 Oct 20155:30 pm
Singapore vs Afghanistan8 Oct 20155:30 pm
Vietnam vs Iraq8 Oct 20155:30 pm
Turkmenistan vs India8 Oct 20156:30 pm
Syria vs Japan8 Oct 20156:30 pm
Jordan vs Australia8 Oct 20157:30 pm
Kyrgyzstan vs Tajikistan8 Oct 20157:30 pm
Oman vs Iran8 Oct 20157:30 pm
Kuwait vs Korea Republic8 Oct 20157:30 pm
Bahrain vs Uzbekistan8 Oct 20158:30 pm
Qatar vs China PR8 Oct 20158:30 pm
Saudi Arabia vs UAE8 Oct 201510:30 pm
Timor Leste vs Malaysia13 Oct 2015-
Korea DPR vs Yemen13 Oct 201512:30 pm
Myanmar vs Laos13 Oct 20155:30 pm
Bhutan vs Hong Kong13 Oct 20155:30 pm
Singapore vs Cambodia13 Oct 20155:30 pm
Vietnam vs Thailand13 Oct 20155:30 pm
Turkmenistan vs Guam13 Oct 20156:30 pm
Kyrgyzstan vs Bangladesh13 Oct 20157:30 pm
Oman vs India13 Oct 20157:30 pm
Bahrain vs Philippines13 Oct 20158:30 pm
Qatar vs Maldives13 Oct 20158:30 pm
Syria vs Afghanistan13 Oct 20159:30 pm
Jordan vs Tajikistan13 Oct 20159:30 pm
Kuwait vs Lebanon13 Oct 20159:30 pm
Afghanistan vs Cambodia12 Nov 2015-
Australia vs Kyrgyzstan12 Nov 2015-
Korea Republic vs Myanmar12 Nov 20154:30 pm
Singapore vs Japan12 Nov 20154:30 pm
China vs Bhutan12 Nov 20154:30 pm
Thailand vs Chinese Taipei12 Nov 20155:30 pm
Philippines vs Yemen12 Nov 20155:30 pm
Tajikistan vs Bangladesh12 Nov 20155:30 pm
Iran vs Turkmenistan12 Nov 20155:30 pm
India vs Guam12 Nov 20156:30 pm
Uzbekistan vs Korea DPR12 Nov 20157:30 pm
Lebanon vs Laos12 Nov 20157:30 pm
Palestine vs Malaysia12 Nov 20157:30 pm
UAE vs Timor Leste12 Nov 20157:30 pm
Maldives vs Hong Kong13 Nov 201512:30 am
Australia vs Tajikistan29 Mar 20162:30 pm
Japan vs Afghanistan29 Mar 20163:30 pm
Korea Republic vs Lebanon29 Mar 20164:30 pm
Jordan vs Bangladesh29 Mar 20164:30 pm
China vs Maldives29 Mar 20164:30 pm
Vietnam vs Chinese Taipei29 Mar 20165:30 pm
Uzbekistan vs Philippines29 Mar 20166:30 pm
Iraq vs Thailand29 Mar 20167:30 pm
Iran vs India29 Mar 20167:30 pm
Oman vs Guam29 Mar 20168:30 pm
UAE vs Palestine29 Mar 20168:30 pm
Bahrain vs Yemen29 Mar 20168:30 pm
Qatar vs Hong Kong29 Mar 20169:30 pm
Saudi Arabia vs Malaysia29 Mar 201610:30 pm
Syria vs Cambodia29 Mar 20169:30 pm
Australia vs Jordan29 Mar 20162:30 pm
Afghanistan vs Singapore29 Mar 20163:30 pm
Japan vs Syria29 Mar 20163:30 pm
Lebanon vs Myanmar29 Mar 20165:30 pm
Philippines vs Korea DPR29 Mar 20165:30 pm
China vs Qatar29 Mar 20165:30 pm
India vs Turkmenistan29 Mar 20165:30 pm
Uzbekistan vs Bahrain29 Mar 20166:30 pm
Tajikistan vs Kyrgyzstan29 Mar 20166:30 pm
Palestine vs Timor Leste29 Mar 20167:30 pm
Iraq vs Vietnam29 Mar 20167:30 pm
Iran vs Oman29 Mar 20167:30 pm
UAE vs Saudi Arabia29 Mar 20168:30 pm
Maldives vs Bhutan29 Mar 20169:30 pm
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