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2014 Brazil World Cup vs 2012 London Olympics

FIFA World Cup 2014 Vs 2012 London Olympics

The greatest football competition is about to come with lots huge excitement, drama, action & funds. Host nation Brazil is considered as the strongest competitor of this campaign. This competition is so huge that it deserves to be compared with Olympics games of London 2012. As the nation is hosting this world for second time, so they don’t want any sacrifices with its preparations. The most successful team of football world cup is doing everything to make this event at its best which is possible in anyway. Have a look at this great comparison.

2014 FIFA World Cup Vs 2012 London Olympics

It is expected that host nation Brazil revenue of approximate $67578.983 million [4lakh crores]. About 70% of revenue will be earned from visitors. However, Brazil is also offering lots of employment opportunities to the youngsters in this World Cup. The nation is providing 3,32,000 jobs to their civilians & to foreigners. The winner will get $35million of prize money in world cup.

2014 FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil World Cup vs 2012 London Olympics 2012 London Olympics 2012 London Olympics
Total nations involved: 32 Total nations involved: 205
Revenue: $67578.983 million Approx. [4lakh crores]  Revenue: $16556.851 million [98,000 crores] 
1. 900 million people watched the final of last World Cup. 2. 3% of GDP will be added by this tournament 3. An Approximate revenue of $39871.6 million will come from tax. 4. $3378.949 million revenue from goods & services. 
1. $13515.797 million revenue from whole campaign 2. Revenue from foreign contracts: $2703.159 million 3. $4054.739 million of manifest [58% from foreign] 4. After the completion of this event, total of $9798.953 million business have been done. 
Total Expanses: $15205.271 million Total Expanses in 2012 Olympics: $14867.376 million
Jobs: 3,32,000 Jobs: 35,000
Brazilian Tourism is expecting 6,00,000 visitors from across the globe. Total of 5,90,000 visitors visited England in 2012 Olympics. 

Some Brazilian citizens are not happy with this event because their nation is spending lots of money in this tournament. But there is good point in it also. This type of huge event can change the standard of Brazil forever. They have earned huge amount from last major competition Confederation Cup in 2013. Suck types of tournaments are one of the biggest opportunities which plays an important role behind development of a nation.

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