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FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule IST time

FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule IST Time Telecast in India of Matches

The twentieth edition of FIFA World Cup is about to start & match schedule is finalized by the governing body of football. Complete schedule & telecast time of this world tournament is is revealed by FIFA & the big tournament will start on 12 June 2014.  This competition will run for 32 days in different locations of Brazil between world’s best 32 national football teams. The telecast channels rights of world cup 2014 are registered by the companies in different nations. But still there are some fans who are searching for the schedule & telecast channels for this football campaign. So here we have made a list of all upcoming games of this tournament according to Indian Standard time [IST].

Schedule of FIFA World Cup 2014 Matches

FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule & IST time The first match of this competition will be played on 12 June 2014 but according to Indian Standard time, it will be played on 13 June. All action of this competition will be telecast on Sony Six. This telecast channel also telecasted qualification games of this competition. First, 32 teams will play group stage round against teams in their respective groups. Top 2 teams from each group [winners & runners-up] will qualify for the round of 16. Last match of group stage will be played 26 June 2014. Round of 16 will begin on 28 June 2014 & thereafter quarter finals will be played on fourth & fifth July. No games will be played on 6th & 7th July [GMT]. First Semi Final will be played on 8th July & second one will be on 9th July. And on 13 July final will be played between 2 best teams at Maracana stadium.

Match Dates & time of 2014 FIFA World Cup

Group Stage
Brazil vs Croatia 13-06-2014 01:30 am
Mexico vs Cameroon 13-06-2014 09:30 pm
Spain vs Netherlands 14-06-2014 12:30 am
Chile vs Australia 14-06-2014 03:30 am
Colombo vs Greece 14-06-2014 09:30 pm
Ivory Coast Vs Japan 15-06-2014 06:30 am
Uruguay vs Costa Rica 15-06-2014 12:30 am
England vs Italy 15-06-2014 03:30 am
Switzerland vs Ecuador 15-06-2014 09:30 pm
France vs Honduras 16-06-2014 12:30 am
Argentina vs Bosnia Herzegovina 16-06-2014 03:30 am
Iran Vs Nigeria 17-06-2014 12:30 am
Germany vs Portugal 16-06-2014 09:30 pm
Ghana vs United States 17-06-2014 03:30 am
Belgium vs Algeria 17-06-2014 09:30 pm
Russia vs South Korea 18-06-2014 03:30 am
Brazil vs Mexico 18-06-2014 12:30 am
Cameroon vs Croatia 19-06-2014 03:30 am
Spain vs Chile 19-06-2014 12:30 am
Australia vs Netherlands 18-06-2014 09:30 pm
Colombia vs Ivory Coast 19-06-2014 09:30 pm
Japan vs Greece 20-06-2014 03:30 am
Uruguay vs England 20-06-2014 12:30 am
Italy vs Costa Rica 20-06-2014 09:30 pm
Switzerland vs France 21-06-2014 12:30 am
Honduras vs Ecuador 21-06-2014 03:30 am
Argentina vs Iran 21-06-2014 09:30 pm
Nigeria vs Bosnia Herzegovina 22-06-2014 03:30 am
Germany vs Ghana 22-06-2014 12:30 am
United States vs Portugal 23-06-2014 03:30 am
Belgium vs Russia 22-06-2014 09:30 am
South Korea vs Algeria 23-06-2014 12:30 am
Cameroon vs Brazil 24-06-2014 01:30 am
Croatia vs Mexico 24-06-2014 01:30 am
Australia vs Spain 23-06-2014 09:30 pm
Netherlands vs Chile 23-06-2014 09:30 pm
Japan vs Colombo 25-06-2014 12:30 am
Greece vs Ivory Coast 25-06-2014 01:30 am
Italy vs Uruguay 24-06-2014 09:30 pm
Costa Rica vs England 24-06-2014 09:30 pm
Honduras vs Switzerland 26-06-2014 12:30 am
Ecuador vs France 26-06-2014 01:30 am
Nigeria vs Argentina 25-06-2014 09:30 pm
Bosnia Herzegovina vs Iran 25-06-2014 09:30 pm
United States vs Germany 26-06-2014 09:30 pm
Portugal vs Ghana 26-06-2014 09:30 pm
South Korea vs Belgium 27-06-2014 01:30 am
Algeria vs Russia 27-06-2014 01:30 am
Round of 16
 1A vs 2B 28-06-2014 9:30 pm
1B vs 2A 29-06-2014 9:30 pm
1C vs 2D 29-06-2014 1:30 am
1E vs 2F 30-06-2014 9:30 pm
1D vs 2C  30-06-2014 1:30 am
1F vs 2E 01-07-2014 9:30 pm
1G vs 2H 01-07-2014 1:30 am
1H vs 2G 02-07-2014 1:30 am
Quarter Finals
TBD 05-07-2014 1:30 am
TBD 04-07-2014 9:30 pm
TBD 06-07-2014 1:30 am
TBD 05-07-2014 9:30 pm
   Semi Finals
TBD 09-07-2014 1:30 am
 TBD 10-07-2014 1:30 am
 Match for 3rd Place
 TBD 13-07-2014 1:30 am
 TBD 14-07-2014 12:30 am 

Download File: Save to device Group Stage Round: From 13 June to 26 June 2014. Round of 16: From 28 June to 02 July. Quarter final matches: 4th & 6th July First Semi: 9th July & second Semi final on 10th July Match for third place & final match date: 13th July [12:30 am]. You can watch all matches of 2014 FIFA World cup on Sony Six. The timings of the above games is according to Indian Standard Time.

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