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FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 IST Schedule Download

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 IST Schedule Download

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 IST Schedule: Download schedule of Women’s 2015 football world cup according to Indian Standard Time from here. For the seventh time in the history of football, the governing body of international football is organizing FIFA Women’s World Cup. In 2011, Canada won the right to host the event, the first time the country will host the tournament and the third time it has been in North America. Canada is hosting this edition which includes 24 national women teams from six confederations. Host nation has selected six cities to organize this competition. Check out the complete schedule of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 and save it to your device. Scroll down for more information.

FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 IST Schedule Download

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 IST Schedule Download PDF

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 telecast channels have been also announced. Host nation Canada played the first game of this World Cup against Chile and won by 1–0. You can also check schedule of 2015 women football world cup in Eastern time.

MatchDate [Canada]Date [India]Time [IST]
Canada vs Chile6 June7 June1:30 am
New Zealand vs Netherlands6 June7 June4:30 am
Norway vs Thailand7 June7 June10:30 pm
Germany vs Cote D’Ivoire7 June8 June1:30 am
Sweden vs Nigeria8 June9 June12:30 am
Cameroon vs Ecuador8 June9 June1:30 am
USA vs Australia8 June9 June4:00 am
Japan vs Switzerland8 June9 June4:30 am
France vs England9 June9 June11:30 pm
Spain vs Costa Rica9 June10 June1:30 am
Colombia vs Mexico9 June10 June2:30 am
Brazil vs Korea Republic9 June10 June4:30 am
Germany vs Norway11 June12 June1:30 am
China vs Netherlands11 June12 June3:30 am
Cote D’Ivoire vs Thailand11 June12 June4:30 am
Canada vs New Zealand11 June12 June6:30 am
Australia vs Nigeria12 June13 June2:30 am
Switzerland vs Ecuador12 June13 June4:30 am
USA vs Sweden12 June13 June5:30 am
Japan vs Cameroon12 June13 June7:30 am
France vs Colombia13 June13 June10:30 pm
Brazil vs Spain13 June14 June1:30 am
England vs Mexico13 June14 June1:30 am
Korea Republic vs Costa Rica13 June14 June4:30 am
Thailand vs Germany15 June16 June1:30 am
Cote D’Ivoire vs Norway15 June16 June1:30 am
Netherlands vs Canada15 June16 June4:30 am
China vs New Zealand15 June16 June4:30 am
Ecuador vs Japan16 June17 June2:30 am
Switzerland vs Cameroon16 June17 June2:30 am
Nigeria vs USA16 June17 June5:30 am
Australia vs Sweden16 June17 June5:30 am
Mexico vs France17 June18 June1:30 am
England vs Colombia17 June18 June1:30 am
Costa Rica vs Brazil17 June18 June4:30 am
Korea Republic vs Spain17 June18 June4:30 am
Round of 16
TBD20 June21 June1:30 am
TBD20 June21 June4:30 am
TBD21 June21 June10:30 pm
TBD21 June22 June1:30 am
TBD21 June22 June4:30 pm
TBD22 June23 June2:30 am
TBD22 June23 June5:30 am
TBD23 June24 June7:30 am
Quarter Finals
TBD26 June27 June1:30 am
TBD26 June27 June4:30 am
TBD27 June28 June1:30 am
TBD27 June28 June4:30 am
Semi finals
TBD30 June1 July4:30 am
TBD1 July2 July4:30 am
Third place
TBD4 July5 July1:30 am
TBD5 July6 July4:30 am

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That’s all about the schedule of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 in IST. Save this file to your device and enjoy the ever this best women football competition. Don’t feel hesitation in sharing this article with other football fans. Keep visiting for more interesting article of Footballwood.

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