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FIFA 17 Release Date, Updates, Trailer and Pictures

FIFA 17 trailer is out and the fans are excited as usual they are always. EA sports has made a lot of changes to make FIFA 2017 better comparing to previous editions: Animation is of the highest quality, smooth passing is a new addition while Balanced Gameplay is also a new feature. FIFA 17 might not be a good news for Messi fans as it is rumored that Barcelona forward may not renew his contract with EA Sports, so it will be interesting to see who will feature on the cover of the game. 

FIFA 17 Release Date

EA Sports always come up with the new version of football game series between the date 22nd September to 25th September. As of expected, the release date will be as follows: FIFA 17 PS4 Release date: 22–25 September 2016 FIFA 17 Xbox 360 Release date: 5–10 October 2016 FIFA 17 Xbox One Release date: 1–5 October 2016 FIFA 17 PC Release Date: 10–15 October 2016 

FIFA 17 New Updates:

The new game will see a smooth passing, Animation will be something different than that of previous versions while Fair play in terms of speed was an issues since FIFA 11 and we are expecting the speed issue will be fixed this term. FIFA 17 will also feature some new leagues like Turkish PTT League, Israeli League and German 3rd League. 

Catch out FIFA 17 trailer and some of the pictures:

FIFA 17 Trailer

FIFA 17 Pictures

FIFA-17 FIFA-17-Screenshot-1 FIFA 17 journey mode FIFA 17 journey mode FIFA 17 pictures

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