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Euro Official Song

Euro Official Song

The Offi­cial Song for the Euro’s

                                                                                                         This One’s For You


The Offi­cial Song for the Euro 2016 is already out and fans have already gone crazy for it!!!! The Biggest Euro ever held will be giv­en an added treat with the release of a very reel­ing song, some­thing that keeps you in with the whole excite­ment and pas­sion for the game. There really isn’t much time for the open­ing of the finals of the biggest plat­form in European Foot­ball and not just Europe, but abso­lutely freakin’ every­body is up for it!! This foot­balling phe­nomen­on that stands second to only the FIFA World Cup will be watched by mil­lions if not bil­lions and this song for France will stick long after the end of the com­pet­i­tion as well.

The song titled “This One’s For You” by Dav­id Guetta ft. Zara Larsson has already cap­tured the hearts of fans and will surely be the anthem for every sup­port­er from around the world. Dav­id Guetta, the music­al prodigy has weaved in some cap­tur­ing tones that draw you to the core of the song and with Zara Larsson pitch­ing in her voice, it turned out to be just spec­tac­u­lar. With just a few lines of lyr­ics he has cap­tured the very essence of this Glob­al event.

Someone once said that music is just a ran­dom series of notes, that when some­times put togeth­er appear appeal­ing to our ears, well, if that’s the case, Dav­id Guetta has surely found the abso­lute pinch of per­fect ran­dom­ness. The tone draws you to it, and when you get to know it, you just fall com­pletely in love with it, that’s what I gotta say about this par­tic­u­lar anthem.

This simple anthem goes into every aspect of the game.

“We’re in this togeth­er,

Hear our hearts beat togeth­er,

We stand strong togeth­er,

We’re in this forever!

This one’s for you!”

This chor­us pretty much tells the whole rhythm of the song, one which any fan from any­where in the world can dance to. How true, those words go to the very edge of love itself, a love affair between the fans and the team, and one among the fans in itself. In fact, this song is not just for the fans of France, or any of the com­pet­ing nations, but for every foot­baller lov­er in the plan­et. We are all in this togeth­er; France, the oth­er com­pet­it­ors, their coun­try­men, fans from rest of the world, all UEFA mem­bers, the refs, the play­ers, the coaches, their staff, the grounds­men, the ball boys, the chan­nels, the report­ers, the writers and every­one here at Foot­ball­wood; all hearts beat­ing with the same rhythm.

This one’s for pride, hon­our, dig­nity, cour­age, con­fid­ence, sports­man­ship, love and most of all pas­sion!

So don’t miss out on this battle and def­in­itely not on its anthem.

Down­load the offi­cial song of the Euro 2016, “This One’s for You”, by Dav­id Guetta ft. Zara Larsson via Foot­ball­wood and enjoy the hangama.


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