Monday , 6 February 2023

Euro 2016 Prize Money Distribution

The most important competition in European football, the UEFA European Championship, many countries looking to win this year’s tournament with Germany, France, Spain and Belgium leading the charge, all gunning for the trophy.…… and the prize money. This year’s prize money has been increased by 54%, the 24 national teams will between them receive 301 million euros, 105 million more than what was shared between them in 2012’s edition of the European Championship. All 24 teams will receive a participation amount if 8 million euros. There will be performance bonuses, only in the group stage, giving 1 million euros per win and half a million euros per draw. Heading into the knockout stages, teams in the round of 16 will all get 1.5 million euros, the eight teams in the quarter-finals will receive an additional 2.5 million euros, on top of that the semi-finalists will receive an extra 4 million euros for reaching the top 4. The runners up will get 5 million euros, whereas the champions will receive 8 million euros. The most money a team can get is 27 million euros which will only be given if a certain team wins every single one of their matches. This should be motivation for the players and managers along with the trophy and a European Championship Winners Medal.

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