Wednesday , 19 June 2019
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Elche Vs Real Madrid match results 0-1, match summary, CR7 shines

Elche Vs Real Madrid match results 0-1, match summary, CR7 shines

Real Madrid made one more victory in this season after beating Elche in its home. Once again, Cristiano Ronaldo proved himself he can do anything for winning. His both opening and last goal helped Real Madrid to collect 3 more points in La Liga table. The match was turning to a draw but last mistake done by Elche costs them big penalty. Ronaldo shines one more time.

Elche Stats R. Madrid
11 Shots 12
3 On Goal 5
23 Fouls 9
4 Corner Kicks 5
3 Offsides 5
38 Possession 62%
8 Yellow cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
3 Saves 2

Match summary of Elche Vs Real Madrid

match results of real madrid vs elcheFirst half: Neither home team, nor away scored any of goal during first half. The green Stripped team had a good start but did not gave change to its audience of goal celebration. Cristiano Ronaldo also missed some of chances but also made perfect passes but all was vain in that section.

Second half: Now, The Vikings got control over match. In 51 minute, Madrid got free kick & was CR7 took responsibility. The result was great & Ronaldo makes no mistake. It was opening goal of the match & for away side.

Ninety minutes were completed & the game was turning to be a tie. But Richmond Boakye put the into the net & made the equalizer just after 90th minute (90+1′). Now it was a very tough battle between these 2 clubs and fans were enjoying the league at its peak level.

But Blue team was looking more hunger for win. The Merengues got free kick in added time of 90th min. It was considering a doubtful penalty but the signal was given. Although it was just a penalty kick but also a heart break kick. All eyes were just looking at him.

Then Referee blows the whistle & Cristiano done what it was expected. The goal was scored in 90 + 6 & proved to be a dramatic win for The Vikings. Collecting three more points, the Vice Champions of last season are at 3rd spot in league table after Barcelona & Atletico Madrid.

Ronaldo_goalNow Ronaldo will face David Villa in its next match of La Liga. That would be more excited than this. So don’t miss that at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

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