Sunday , 27 September 2020
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David Luiz Says That There Is Room For Improvement

David Luiz has stated that they have secured 3 important points from the match with Newcastle. However, according to him, there are still some areas where they can improve.


The defender proved to be good assistance for teeing up Pedro to get an early opening. However, they failed to make developments on the lead and had to pay a heavy price as Ciaran Clark was heading home a corner just prior to the arrival. The amazing second-half goal had been enough to get a victory. Nevertheless, David Luiz is aware of the fact that they have to stop giving opportunities to their opponents.

He said that it is a significant win, it is 3 points at home and they have been able to do the job. This isn’t an easy game for them. According to him, they would have been able to win the game in just the first twenty-five minutes but they were unable to score the second goal.

Each and every team in the Premier League can prove to be dangerous and this is the reason this has happened. Chelsea has been able to score an equalizer but after this, it is always difficult. But he feels that the team has been enough mature to be composed at half-time. In the second-half, they took control of the game and were able to score the 2nd goal.

David thinks that the team needs to improve since isn’t right to give openings to the opponents. When it is possible to kill the game, they should do it.

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