Wednesday , 1 February 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo broke the world record for goals for the national team

Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo has set a new world record for goals for the national team.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals in the 2022 World Cup qualifying tournament against Ireland (2:1) home match. In the 89th minute, Cristiano equalized the score, and in the 95th, he became the author of the winning goal.

The 36-year-old brought his goals for the Portuguese national team to 111 and set a new world record for this indicator.

Cristiano Ronaldo - UEFA EURO 2020

The Portuguese beat the former striker of the Iranian national team Ali Daei, who has 109 goals for the national team.

At the same time, only Ronaldo and Daei managed to score more than 100 goals for their national teams.
Interestingly, Ireland became the 45th national team to score against Ronaldo during his career.

Top scorers of the national teams:

111 Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) — 180 matches
109 Ali Daei (Iran) — 149 matches
89 Mokhtar Dahari (Malaysia) — 142 matches
84 Ferenc Puskas (Hungary) — 85 matches
79 Godfrey Chitalu (Zambia) — 111 matches
78 Hussein Saeed (Iraq) — 137 matches
77 Pele (Brazil) — 92 matches
76 Ali Mabhut (UAE) — 92 matches
76 Lionel Messi (Argentina) — 151 matches
75 Sandor Kocis (Hungary) — 68 matches
75 Kunishige Kamamoto (Japan) — 76 matches
75 Bashar Abdullah (Kuwait) — 134 matches

In addition, in the game with Ireland, Ronaldo repeated the record of the Spanish defender Sergio Ramos for matches for European national teams. The Manchester United striker played his 180th game for the national team. There are still 15 matches left before the world record, which belongs to the former defender of the Malaysian national team, So Chin Aun.

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