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Andrew Flintoff favorite football club

Cricketers and their favorite football clubs

The list of Cricketers with their favorite football club is available here. Cricket and Football are one the two most favorite and watching sports in the world. You can predict the popularity of these two sports with fan following in all over the world. Football is the no. 1 sport in the world and why not be?, it is played in over 200 countries and has more than 3.5 followers while the Cricket has 2.5 billion fans in Asia, Australia, some Europe and globe countries, but still is second most watching and loving sport. But did you know the which cricketer loves and supports the football cricketer. Here is the list of Cricketer and their football clubs.

Cricketers and their favorite football clubs

Serial No. Cricketer Name Country Football Club
1 Mahendra Singh Dhoni India Manchester United
2 Graeme Smith South Africa Liverpool
3 Virat Kohli India Real Madrid
4 Dale Steyn South Africa Chelsea
5 Rahul Dravid India Arsenal
6 Kevin Pietersen England Chelsea
7 Gautam Gambhir India Arsenal
8 Michael Vaughan England Sheffield
9 Rohit Sharma India Real Madrid
10 Andrew Flintoff England Manchester City

MS Dhoni — Manchester United [India]

Dhoni Favorite football club Indian skipper MS Dhoni is a Manchester United fan. He is a brand ambassador for the Premier League for their telecast on Star Sports. Dhoni said that he always busy with EPL during week ends.

Graeme Smith — Liverpool [South Africa]

Former South African captain Graeme Smith is a Liverpool supporter despite he is from a family of Manchester United fans.

Virat Kohli — Real Madrid [India]

Virat Kohli favorite football club India’s star batsman, Virat Kohli is a die hard fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. Early, he was Manchester United, but due to transfer of Ronaldo to Madrid, he became the fan of Real Madrid. It’s mainly because of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Dale Steyn — Chelsea [South Africa]

One of the world best fast bowler is a die hard fan of Chelsea FC. Steyn has been sighted at the Stamford Bridge on many occasions supporting his favorite team.

Rahul Dravid — Arsenal FC [India]

Cricketer Rahul Dravid favorite football club The Arsene Wenger’s professional and intellectual style made Rahul Dravid support the Arsenal club. He is supporter of Arsenal and never shy to show his colors. Read also: Bollywood Heroines favorite footballers

Kevin Pietersen — Chelsea [England]

The England international cricketer Kevin Pietersen is a fan of Chelsea FC. He has been supporting Blues for many years.

Gautam Gambhir — Arsenal [India]

Indian left hand opener batsman and captain of Indian Super league team Kolkata Knight Riders Gautam Gambhir is a supporter of Arsenal. He loves to watch every single match of Arsenal team. The 33 years old cricket won IPL competition twice in his career. Read also: Bollywood heroes favorite footballers

Michael Vaughan — Sheffield United [England]

Former England Skipper is a Sheffield fan. Since the age of eight years, he has been following after his family mover from Manchester to Sheffield.

Rohit Sharma — Real Madrid [India]

One of the talented cricketer of Indian cricket team Rohit Sharma is a Real Madrid supporter. He normally expresses his emotion towards Los Blancos on social media.

Andrew Flintoff — Manchester City [England]

Andrew Flintoff favorite football club The former England all-round cricketer Andrew Flintoff is a Manchester City fan. At age of 15, Flintoff moved from Lancashire to Manchester and since then he is a fan of Sky Blues. So this is the list of cricketers and their favorite football clubs. If you like this article, then you can share it with your online friends to know the connection of cricket football.

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