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Copa America 2015 Venues | Stadiums | Hosting Cities

Copa America 2015 Venues: Host nation Chile wants to make this competition at its best. This is why the nation wants the best facilities to organize such a big football event. Chile have selected nine football stadiums in eight of its cities to host all matches. Nation teams from North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean will travel to these eight cities throughout the competition. Shortcuts Antofagasta Vina del Mar Santiago Concepcion La Serena Valparaiso Rancagua Temuco

Copa America 2015 Venues and Stadiums

The organizers of CA2015 picked up twenty four metropolitan cities which can fulfill the demand of visitors. They have not said a word on host city spread The United states is a big country and cross country flights could take its toll on teams. We have seen how Brazil done the preparations and in the end they were called as great organizers. Hosting a campaign specially of football that includes 12 national teams from 2 confederations is not everyone’s cup of team. But once again, Chile stepped forward to host this giant event. Having population of 17 million [calculated 2014], Chilean are super excited to host Copa America as it is providing employment also. So let’s have a look on these hosting cities and their venues. 

Antofagasta [Estadio Regional de Antofagasta]

The city of Antofagasta is closely linked to mining activity, being a major mining area of the nation. Its football ground is selected to host Copa America 2015 matches. The multi-purpose stadium is located in Antofagasta which is known for having seating capacity of 21,178 after its renovation in 2013. It was built in 1964. Antofagasta is the city which have highest GDP per capita income in Chile. Here you will enjoy its desert climate with abundant cloudiness. 

Vina del Mar [Estadio Sausalito]

Copa America 2015 venues (8) Lots of bars and restaurants have been recently opened in the area around Plaza Mexico and Avenida San Martin. One of the most popular clubs, the Yacht Club de Chile is a yacht club located in Caleta Higuerillas. It was established in Vina del Mar in 1955. This venue is also popular for its football ground called Estadio Sausalito. Earlier, its seating capacity was 18,037 which was expanded up to 25,00 after its renovation. This stadium hosted eight games of 1962 FIFA World Cup which also includes semi final match of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. 

Santiago [Estadio Nacional and Estadio Monumental]

Copa America 2015 venues (7) Santiago, the capital of Chile would be the busiest city to host Copa America 2015 matches. This is the venue from which two grounds have been selected be the organizers. Santiago was formed in 1541, has been the capital city of Chile since colonial times. The city has a downtown core of 19th century neoclassical. Its Estadio Nacional football ground is the biggest stadium of Chile [in terms of seating capacity]. Copa America 2015 venues (6) Estadio Monumental David Arellano is the second soccer ground from Santiago located in Macul. It was first opened in 1975 with a double header in front of 25,599 people. Its first match was played between Santiago Morning and Santiago Wanderers that ended with a draw of 1–1. Carlo Orellana scored the first goal in this pitch. 

Concepcion [Estadio Municipal de Concepcion]

Copa America 2015 venues (5) It is one of the largest urban conurbations of Chile. Its climate is described as dry summer nadir in February. The cool waters of the Pacific Ocean help to maintain mild temperatures throughout the year. Municipal de Concepcion is the fifth football ground selected as venue for Copa America 2015. Having seating capacity of 33,000 spectators, some comfortable facilities are also available. 

La Serena [Estadio La Portada]

Copa America 2015 stadiums If you are fond of visiting great locations, then La Serena would is the venue where you visit in summer. It is an important tourist destination in summer where people go to visit the beaches. La Serena is also the headquarters of the University of La Serena. Its Estadio La Portada stadium have seating capacity of 18,268 which was opened on 26th August 1952. 

Valparaiso [Estadio Elias Figueroa]

Copa America 2015 venues (2) Over the past 15 years, the city has staged an impressive renaissance attracting many artists and cultural entrepreneurs who have set up shop in the city’s hillside historic districts. Elias Figueroa is the seventh football ground of Chile chosen to host the matches of Copa America 2015. It is the home ground of Santiago Wanderers having seating capacity of 23,000. It was opened on 25 December 1931 and went for renovation in 2014. 

Rancagua [Estadio El Teniente]

Copa America 2015 venues (3) Here is the seventh city of Chile to organize Copa America 2015. The city’s origianl name was Villa Santa Cruz de Triana. However, before the Spaniards arrived the area was inhabited by local Picunche tribes and had also fallen briefly under the control of the Inca Empire. Estadio El Teniente is located in this city, having capacity of 15,252. It is undergoing renovations in preparations for hosting this competition. It will host two group stage matches. 

Temuco [Estadio Municipal German Becker]

Copa America 2015 venues (4) Capital of Cautin Province, Temuco is located 670 km south of Santiago at the heart of the modern Araucania Region and historic Araucania. The last venue and stadium of Chile to host Copa America 2015 is Estadio Municipal German Becker known for having seating capacity of 18,125 spectators. Its athletics track was removed to enhance spectators enjoyment of the on the pitch action.

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