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Copa America 2015 Venues | Stadiums | Hosting Cities

Copa America 2015 Venues | Stadiums | Hosting Cities

Copa Amer­ica 2015 Ven­ues: Host nation Chile wants to make this com­pet­i­tion at its best. This is why the nation wants the best facil­it­ies to organ­ize such a big foot­ball event. Chile have selec­ted nine foot­ball sta­di­ums in eight of its cit­ies to host all matches. Nation teams from North Amer­ica, South Amer­ica, Cent­ral Amer­ica and the Carib­bean will travel to these eight cit­ies through­out the com­pet­i­tion.

Vina del Mar
La Ser­ena

Copa America 2015 Venues and Stadiums

The organ­izers of CA2015 picked up twenty four met­ro­pol­it­an cit­ies which can ful­fill the demand of vis­it­ors. They have not said a word on host city spread The United states is a big coun­try and cross coun­try flights could take its toll on teams. We have seen how Brazil done the pre­par­a­tions and in the end they were called as great organ­izers.

Host­ing a cam­paign spe­cially of foot­ball that includes 12 nation­al teams from 2 con­fed­er­a­tions is not every­one’s cup of team. But once again, Chile stepped for­ward to host this giant event. Hav­ing pop­u­la­tion of 17 mil­lion [cal­cu­lated 2014], Chilean are super excited to host Copa Amer­ica as it is provid­ing employ­ment also. So let’s have a look on these host­ing cit­ies and their ven­ues.

Antofagasta [Estadio Regional de Antofagasta]

The city of Ant­of­a­gasta is closely linked to min­ing activ­ity, being a major min­ing area of the nation. Its foot­ball ground is selec­ted to host Copa Amer­ica 2015 matches. The multi-pur­pose sta­di­um is loc­ated in Ant­of­a­gasta which is known for hav­ing seat­ing capa­city of 21,178 after its renov­a­tion in 2013. It was built in 1964. Ant­of­a­gasta is the city which have highest GDP per cap­ita income in Chile. Here you will enjoy its desert cli­mate with abund­ant cloud­i­ness.

Vina del Mar [Estadio Sausalito]

Copa America 2015 venues (8)

Lots of bars and res­taur­ants have been recently opened in the area around Plaza Mex­ico and Aven­ida San Mar­tin. One of the most pop­u­lar clubs, the Yacht Club de Chile is a yacht club loc­ated in Caleta Higuer­il­las. It was estab­lished in Vina del Mar in 1955. This ven­ue is also pop­u­lar for its foot­ball ground called Esta­dio Saus­alito. Earli­er, its seat­ing capa­city was 18,037 which was expan­ded up to 25,00 after its renov­a­tion. This sta­di­um hos­ted eight games of 1962 FIFA World Cup which also includes semi final match of Czechoslov­akia and Yugoslavia.

Santiago [Estadio Nacional and Estadio Monumental]

Copa America 2015 venues (7)

San­ti­ago, the cap­it­al of Chile would be the busiest city to host Copa Amer­ica 2015 matches. This is the ven­ue from which two grounds have been selec­ted be the organ­izers. San­ti­ago was formed in 1541, has been the cap­it­al city of Chile since colo­ni­al times. The city has a down­town core of 19th cen­tury neo­clas­sic­al. Its Esta­dio Nacion­al foot­ball ground is the biggest sta­di­um of Chile [in terms of seat­ing capa­city].

Copa America 2015 venues (6)

Esta­dio Monu­ment­al Dav­id Arel­lano is the second soc­cer ground from San­ti­ago loc­ated in Mac­ul. It was first opened in 1975 with a double head­er in front of 25,599 people. Its first match was played between San­ti­ago Morn­ing and San­ti­ago Wan­der­ers that ended with a draw of 1–1. Carlo Orel­lana scored the first goal in this pitch.

Concepcion [Estadio Municipal de Concepcion]

Copa America 2015 venues (5)

It is one of the largest urb­an con­urba­tions of Chile. Its cli­mate is described as dry sum­mer nadir in Feb­ru­ary. The cool waters of the Pacific Ocean help to main­tain mild tem­per­at­ures through­out the year. Muni­cip­al de Con­cep­cion is the fifth foot­ball ground selec­ted as ven­ue for Copa Amer­ica 2015. Hav­ing seat­ing capa­city of 33,000 spec­tat­ors, some com­fort­able facil­it­ies are also avail­able.

La Serena [Estadio La Portada]

Copa America 2015 stadiums

If you are fond of vis­it­ing great loc­a­tions, then La Ser­ena would is the ven­ue where you vis­it in sum­mer. It is an import­ant tour­ist des­tin­a­tion in sum­mer where people go to vis­it the beaches. La Ser­ena is also the headquar­ters of the Uni­ver­sity of La Ser­ena. Its Esta­dio La Portada sta­di­um have seat­ing capa­city of 18,268 which was opened on 26th August 1952.

Valparaiso [Estadio Elias Figueroa]

Copa America 2015 venues (2)

Over the past 15 years, the city has staged an impress­ive renais­sance attract­ing many artists and cul­tur­al entre­pren­eurs who have set up shop in the city’s hill­side his­tor­ic dis­tricts. Eli­as Figueroa is the sev­enth foot­ball ground of Chile chosen to host the matches of Copa Amer­ica 2015. It is the home ground of San­ti­ago Wan­der­ers hav­ing seat­ing capa­city of 23,000. It was opened on 25 Decem­ber 1931 and went for renov­a­tion in 2014.

Rancagua [Estadio El Teniente]

Copa America 2015 venues (3)

Here is the sev­enth city of Chile to organ­ize Copa Amer­ica 2015. The city’s ori­gi­anl name was Villa Santa Cruz de Tri­ana. How­ever, before the Span­iards arrived the area was inhab­ited by loc­al Picunche tribes and had also fallen briefly under the con­trol of the Inca Empire. Esta­dio El Teni­ente is loc­ated in this city, hav­ing capa­city of 15,252. It is under­go­ing renov­a­tions in pre­par­a­tions for host­ing this com­pet­i­tion. It will host two group stage matches.

Temuco [Estadio Municipal German Becker]

Copa America 2015 venues (4)

Cap­it­al of Cautin Province, Temuco is loc­ated 670 km south of San­ti­ago at the heart of the mod­ern Araucania Region and his­tor­ic Araucania. The last ven­ue and sta­di­um of Chile to host Copa Amer­ica 2015 is Esta­dio Muni­cip­al Ger­man Beck­er known for hav­ing seat­ing capa­city of 18,125 spec­tat­ors. Its ath­let­ics track was removed to enhance spec­tat­ors enjoy­ment of the on the pitch action.

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