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Copa America 2015 schedule in pacific time

Copa America 2015 Schedule In Pacific Time [PT, PST, PDT]

Copa America 2015 Schedule In Pacific Time [PT, PST, PDT]: CONMEBOL is organizing the 44th edition of Copa America which is going to be held in Chile. Schedule of Copa America 2015 in Pacific Time [PT] is available right over here. Host nation Chile is doing everything possible to make this tournament a big success. From last decade, football has earned millions of fans throughout the world and the counting is still going on. If you are living in United States, Canada or Mexico, then you might be searching for CA2015 pacific time schedule. Given below is what you are searching for.

Copa America 2015 schedule in pacific time

Copa America 2015 Schedule In Pacific Time [PT, PST]

Chile vs Ecuador11 Jun 201519:00 [PT] 20:00 [PDT]
Mexico vs Bolivia12 Jun 201519:30 [PT] 20:00 [PDT]
Uruguay vs Jamaica14 Jun 201502:00 [PT] 03:00 [PDT]
Argentina vs Paraguay13 Jun 201516:30 [PT] 17:30 [PDT]
Colombia vs Venezuela15 Jun 201502:00 [PT] 03:00 [PDT]
Brazil vs Peru14 Jun 201516:30 [PT] 17:30 [PDT]
Ecuador vs Bolivia15 Jun 201516:00 [PT] 17:00 [PDT]
Chile vs Mexico15 Jun 201518:30 [PT] 19:30 [PDT]
Paraguay vs Jamaica16 Jun 201516:00 [PT] 17:00 [PDT]
Argentina vs Uruguay16 Jun 2015 [PT]18:30 [PT] 19:30 [PDT]
Brazil vs Colombia17 Jun 2015 [PT]19:00 [PT] 20:00 [PDT]
Peru vs Venezuela18 Jun 2015 [PT]18:30 [PT] 19:30 [PDT]
Mexico vs Ecuador19 Jun 201516:00 [PT] 17:00 [PDT]
Chile vs Bolivia19 Jun 2015 [PT]18:30 [PT] 19:30 [PDT]
Uruguay vs Paraguay21 Jun 201502:00 [PT] 03:00 [PDT]
Argentina vs Jamaica20 Jun 201516:30 [PT] 17:30 [PDT]
Colombia vs Peru21 Jun 201502:00 [PT] 03:00
Brazil vs Venezuela21 Jun 201518:30 [PT] 19:30 [PDT]
 Quarter Final Matches
TBD24 Jun 2015 [PT]15:30 [PT] 16:30 [PDT]
TBD25 Jun 2015 [PT]15:30 [PT] 16:30 [PDT]
TBD26 Jun 2015 [PT]15:30 [PT] 16:30 [PDT]
TBD27 Jun 201513:30 [PT] 14:30 [PDT]
Semi Final Matches
TBD29 Jun 2015 [PT]15:30 [PT] 16:30 [PDT]
TBD30 Jun 2015 [PT]15:30 [PT] 16:30 [PDT]
Third Place
TBD3 Jul 2015 [PT]15:30 [PT] 16:30 [PDT]
Final Match
TBD4 Jul 2015 [PT & PDT]12:00 [PT] 11:00 [PDT]

Note: PT refers to Pacific Time [UTC‑8:00] and PDT refers to Pacific Daylight Time [UTC‑7:00]

So this is the schedule of 2015 Copa America according to Pacific timings. Save this page or you can bookmark by pressing CTRL+D to save it.

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