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Copa America 2015 Facts And Figures

Copa America 2015 Facts And Figures: The 2015 Copa America in Chile gets under way on June 11 when the host nation Chile will take on against Ecuador at the National Stadium in Santiago. But do you know the interesting facts and figures related to the upcoming football tournament? Here we bring up the most interesting stuffs of the Copa America 2015. Lets read out the Facts and Figures of Copa America 2015. Facts about Copa America 2015

Copa America 2015 Facts And Figures

  1. Luis Suarez will not play the tournament as he is suspended for the whole tournament due to nine month international ban for biting Giorgio Chiellini during the 2014 World Cup.
  2. The Winner of the tournament will qualify for the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia.
  3. Jamaica’s will make debut in this tournament. They will also become the first Caribbean country to play Copa America tournament.
  4. Since 1993, Mexico has played in every Copa America tournament.
  5. Uruguay are the defending champions of Copa America.
  6. Brazil was the supposed to host this edition of the tournament but they swapped with Chile and will host the 2019 edition.
  7. Chile Ecuador and Venezuela are the only South American teams who haven’t won the tournament.
  8. If Argentina wins the 2015 edition, they will equalize with Uruguay for the most Copa America title with 15.
  9. Mexico and Jamaica will not have an age restriction on the players they can use in this tournament.
  10. Spain was invited to take part in this editions, but according to the Royal Spanish Football Federation, they declined because they did not want to interrupt the Spanish players holidays.
  11. An average of 3.28 goals have been scored per game in the 725 Copa América matches
  12. The lowest average (2.00) came in Brazil 1922, after 22 goals from 11 games
  13. Argentine coach Guillermo Stábile (44) has been in charge for the most Copa América games

Some Interesting Facts about previous tournaments

  • 2381 goals have been scored in the tournament 4) The 1927 tournament in Peru had the highest goal average of 6.17 after 37 goals from six games.
  • 15 countries have featured in the Copa América – the 10 Conmebol teams, plus Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Honduras and Japan. Jamaica will be the 16th nation to feature in 2015.
  • The National Stadium in Lima, Peru, has hosted more games than any other venue, with 76 matches played there.
  • Argentina 12–0 Ecuador from 1942 is the record scoreline in the Copa América.
  • Landmark goals:

a) One — José Piendibene (Uruguay) v Chile, 1916 b) 100 — Juan Heguy (Uruguay) v Chile, 1922 c) 500 — José Moreno (Argentina) v Ecuador, 1942 d) 1000 — Enrique Hormazábal (Chile) v Ecuador, 1955 e) 1500 — Nelinho (Brazil) v Argentina, 1975 f) 2000 - Luis Hernandez (Mexico) v Costa Rica, 1997 g) 2381 — Diego Forlan (Uruguay) v Paraguay, 2011

  • Seven tournaments have needed an additional match to decide the winner:

a) Brazil 1–0 Uruguay, Rio de Janeiro, 1919 b) Brazil 3–0 Paraguay, Rio de Janeiro, 1922 c) Argentina 2–0 Brazil, Buenos Aires, 1937 d) Brazil 7–0 Paraguay 0, Rio de Janeiro, 1949 e) Paraguay 3–2 Brazil, Lima, 1953 f) Peru 1–0 Colombia, Caracas, 1975 g) Paraguay 0–0, Buenos Aires, 1979

So these are the facts and figures about Copa America 2015. From 11th June, there will be clash of 12 South American national football teams for the 44th edition. Defending champions Uruguay could miss their star striker Luis Suarez during the competition. Will FIFA remove his ban? Watch Copa America 2015 live.

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