Tuesday , 28 June 2022

Clough Asks Burton To Enjoy As They Clash Against Man City

Nigel Clough, the manager of Burton wants to ensure that the players have a good experience when they play against Manchester City in the Carabao Cup semi-finals on Wednesday. 

In the League One, Burton received a reminder about the task that was in front of them when Rotherham, the Championship went home of Premier League champions on Sunday in FA Cup and had been defeated by 7–0 thrashing. Clough is the former senior player of Manchester City when the time had been different for the club and he is determined that they are going to savor every moment even if they are unable to win the match. He has stated that the players are going to love the experience of the match. Nobody has been given so much opportunity but is really great for the supporters. He says that some people have followed the club for over 50 years and hasn’t ever dreamt of being in the semi-final of League Cup, so they should just enjoy it. Clough had been invited to the match of Sunday by City. However, he had been unable to be present in the match because of some family commitment. This means that the match on Wednesday is going to be his first visit to Etihad. Nonetheless, he has enough match of the City on television and he knows what the players are going to be playing against. He said that he has watched them play against Liverpool and they had been quite frightening.

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