Tuesday , 18 January 2022
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Chris Sutton Taunts Ranger Supporters With Denial Jibe

Morelos had been involved in various incidents as the 2 sides of Glaswegian met in the month of December. He aimed a kick at Scott Brown, the Celtic Captain and had asked his studs as opposed to Anthony Ralston.


However, Scottish FA has adjudged that no more action is going to be taken against his Columbian because John Beaten, the referee has witnessed every incident. Sutton, the former Celtic man has expressed his discontentment with the decision and has said that the supporters of Rangers are in complete denial.

He fumes with anger and says that it is unprecedented. However, if you take a look at the incident alone, Morelos is right to be sent off. It shouldn’t have happened but the Ranger fans are in denial. He has also exclaimed that they are shocked that no action has been taken just because the referees saw the incident that is being talked about.

Celtic is scratching their head and is questioning as to why this happened. He says that there is no doubt regarding the result, the Rangers have been quite good with their game but it is wrong.

Rangers ended up at the top as the two sides faced off as Ryan Jack scored one goal. Sutton continued with his complaints and aimed his jibes towards the referee as he didn’t realize what had been going on while the game was in progress. He says that nobody knows why the referee came to such a conclusion.

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