Friday , 16 April 2021

Champions League secont tour. What to expect tonight?

The first round of the group stage is over. It gave us incredible and unpredictable games. After the second round, which ends on Wednesday, favorites may appear in groups.

Real Madrid hopes to win the match against Brugge so as not to lag behind the PSG in the struggle for leadership in the group.

PSG, in turn, is not going to concede galatasaray. Victory will provide them with confident dominance in the group.

In group C today will be a match between the leaders — Manchester City and Dynamo Zagreb. The favorite in the match is the English team.

Tottenham awaits a tough game against Bayern FC. This fundamental match promises to be very interesting.

After the first round in Group D, Atletico Madrid and Juventus could not determine the strongest. Perhaps today one of the teams will break ahead. Is Cristiano Ronaldo ready to confront the German team? What are the chances of Atletico in a match with the team from Russia?


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