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Celtic Vs Barcelona: Champions League 01-Oct-2013 match preview

 After making a comfortable win against Ajax in UEFA Champions league this season, Barcelona will face Celtic in its upcoming match. This will be the 2nd match of Barcelona in this season of Champions League. This season, the average goal per match is increased by large amount in this competition.

It would be tough task for The Hoops to continue their winning path after won against St Johnstone. Their next rival Blaugrana, have won its last match where Celtic has lost last of Champions League. But after getting support from audience Celtic FC can do better than that. Celtic Park, the home stadium of Celtic is expecting its 1st win of this season for this tournament of 1st phase.

Celtic Vs Barcelona match schedule
Celtic FCB_logoVS
Competition Champions League 2013-14 (1st Phase)
Date 01-Oct-2013 (GMT) & 02-Oct-2013 (IST)
Time 6:45 pm (GMT) & 12:15 am (IST)
Stadium Celtic Park
Capacity 60,832
Home team Celtic FC
Away team Barcelona

Head to head comparison


Celtic: In head to head battle Barcelona is looking stronger than Celtic. Both teams have played 8 matches against each other. Celtic has won 2 matches out of these matches played in loss of 4. The remaining 2 matches played against Barca were draw. The Scottish club has done well in Scottish premier league but in this league format, it won less number of games as compared to opponent team.

Barcelona: On the other hand, this team has made a double winning record. The results of matches played are reverse of above mentioned. The Spanish club has won 4 matches with loss of 2 & 2 were draws. The goal score ration of both teams is 8:11 (8 for Celtic & 11 for Barcelona).

Last 5 matches of both teams

Barcelona Won Won Won Won

Celtic Lost Won Lost Won

Date Result Date Result
28-09-2013 To be played 28-09-2013 To be played
21-09-2013 Vallecano:0–Barcelona:4 18-09-2013 Milan: 2 – Celtic: 0
18-09-2013 Barcelona: 4 – Ajax: 0 28-08-2013 Celtic: 3 – Shakhter: 0
14-09-2013 Barcelona: 3 – Sevilla: 2 20-08-2013 Shakhter: 2 – Celtic: 0
01-09-2013 Valencia: 2–Barcelona: 3 10-08-2013 Celtic: 1 – Liverpool: 0

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