Friday , 22 September 2023

Cardiff Moves Away From The Comment Of Warnock On Brexit

Cardiff City has released a stated as per which they are going to distance themselves from the comment of Neil Warnock on Brexit. This had been made after the drawn match against Huddersfield. 

Warnock had asked if Brexit is going to make things difficult for this club to sign up players from the transfer window of January. He says that the departure from the European Union is going to be better when it comes to football but he can’t wait to get out. A spokesperson from Cardiff said that the comment that had been made by their managers after the fixture on Saturday is an actual representation of their own political stance. They have also said that these comments don’t speak about the political stance of the club or about its board of directors. The remarks of Warnock have led to some controversy and this has made the club to take a drastic step to confirm publicly that these have just been the thoughts of the manager. Warnock has said that as the country comes to know about their doing, it is going to be straightforward. A transfer window is quite difficult and not only this one. Cardiff is presently in the 17th position in the Premier League has enabled them to win the promotion of the last season in the championship. Warnock was frustrated with the attempts that he had made to strengthen and polish the team in this week. Sources:

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