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Brazil Vs Paraguay Head To Head History
Brazil Vs Paraguay Head To Head History

Brazil Vs Paraguay Head To Head History

Brazil Vs Paraguay Head To Head History

Check out here the list of Brazil vs Paraguay Head to Head matches. The five times World Champions and 8 times Copa America winner Brazil have almost impressive record against all country. The Paraguay has yet to win the World Cup while they became two times Copa America champions. The two South American nations have met 78 times at different competitions in which Brazil have played so well as compare to the Paraguay. Brazil have won 47 matches while Paraguay won 12 games while 19 games between these two teams ended as draw. Have a look on the Brazil vs Paraguay H2H comparison & stats.

Brazil Vs Paraguay Head To Head History
Brazil Vs Paraguay Head To Head History

Brazil Vs Paraguay Head To Head History

2 Oct 1921Paraguay v Brazil0–3Copa America
24 Sep 1922Brazil v Paraguay1–1Copa America
22 Oct 1922Brazil v Paraguay3–1Copa America
29 Oct 1922Brazil v Paraguay3–1Copa Rodrigues Alvez
11 Nov 1923Paraguay v Brazil1–0Copa America
22 Nov 1923Paraguay v Brazil0–2Copa Rodriquez
06 Dec 1925Brazil v Paraguay5–2Copa America
17 Dec 1925Brazil v Paraguay3–1Copa America
13 Jan 1937Brazil v Paraguay5–0Copa America
05 Feb 1942Brazil v Paraguay1–1Copa America
29 Jan 1946Brazil v Paraguay1–1Copa America
08 May 1949Brazil v Paraguay1–2Copa America
11 May 1949Brazil v Paraguay7–0Copa America
07 May 1950Brazil v Paraguay2–0Copa Oswaldo Cruz
13 May 1950Brazil v Paraguay3–3Copa Oswaldo Cruz
27 Mar 1953Paraguay v Brazil2–1Copa America
01 Apr 1953Paraguay v Brazil3–2Copa America
07 Mar 1954Paraguay v Brazil0–1FIFA World Cup
21 Mar 1954Brazil v Paraguay4–1FIFA World Cup
13 Nov 1955Brazil v Paraguay3–0Copa Oswaldo Cruz
18 Nov 1955Brazil v Paraguay3–3Copa Oswaldo Cruz
29 Jan 1956Paraguay v Brazil0–0Copa America
12 Jun 1956Paraguay v Brazil0–2Oswaldo Cruz
17 Jun 1956Paraguay v Brazil2–5Oswaldo Cruz
04 May 1958Brazil v Paraguay5–1Oswaldo Cruz
07 May 1958Brazil v Paraguay0–0Oswaldo Cruz
29 Mar 1959Brazil v Paraguay4–1Copa America
05 Dec 1959Brazil v Paraguay3–2Copa America
03 Jul 1960Paraguay v Brazil1–2Copa del Atlantico
30 Apr 1961Paraguay v Brazil0–2Oswaldo Cruz
03 May 1961Paraguay v Brazil2–3Oswaldo Cruz
29 Jun 1961Brazil v Paraguay3–2International
29 Jan 1962Brazil v Paraguay3–2SA NOVOS
21 Apr 1962Brazil v Paraguay6–0Oswaldo Cruz
24 Apr 1962Brazil v Paraguay4–0Oswaldo Cruz
03 Mar 1963Paraguay v Brazil2–2Oswaldo Cruz
17 Mar 1963Paraguay v Brazil2–0Copa America
25 Jul 1968Paraguay v Brazil0–4Copa Oswaldo Cruz
28 Jul 1968Paraguay v Brazil1–0Copa Oswaldo Cruz
17 Aug 1969Paraguay v Brazil0–3FIFA World Cup
31 Aug 1969Brazil v Paraguay1–0FIFA World Cup
12 Apr 1970Brazil v Paraguay0–0International
24 Jul 1971Brazil v Paraguay1–0International
26 Apr 1972Brazil v Paraguay3–2International
12 May 1974Brazil v Paraguay2–0International
07 Apr 1976Paraguay v Brazil1–1Copa del Atlantico
09 Jun 1976Brazil v Paraguay3–1Oswaldo Cruz
13 Mar 1977Paraguay vs Brazil0–1FIFA World Cup
20 Mar 1977Brazil v Paraguay1–1FIFA World Cup
17 May 1979Brazil v Paraguay6–0International
24 Oct 1979Paraguay v Brazil2–1Copa America
31 Oct 1979Brazil v Paraguay2–2Copa America
25 Sep 1980Paraguay v Brazil1–2International
30 Oct 1980Brazil v Paraguay6–0International
13 Oct 1983Paraguay v Brazil1–1Copa America
20 Oct 1983Brazil v Paraguay0–0Copa America
16 Jun 1985Paraguay v Brazil0–2FIFA World Cup
23 Jun 1985Brazil v Paraguay1–1FIFA World Cup
25 Nov 1986Brazil v Paraguay1–1South American Games
24 Jun 1987Brazil v Paraguay1–0International
12 Apr 1989Brazil v Paraguay2–0International
09 Jul 1989Brazil v Paraguay2–0Copa America
14 Jul 1989Brazil v Paraguay3–0Copa America
27 Feb 1991Brazil v Paraguay1–1International
24 Jun 1993Brazil v Paraguay3–0Copa America
14 Jul 1993Brazil v Paraguay2–0International
22 Jun 1997Brazil v Paraguay2–0Copa America
18 Jul 2000Paraguay v Brazil2–1FIFA World Cup
18 Jul 2001Brazil v Paraguay3–1Copa America
16 Aug 2001Brazil v Paraguay2–0FIFA World Cup
21 Aug 2002Brazil v Paraguay0–1International
31 Mar 2004Paraguay v Brazil0–0FIFA World Cup
14 Jul 2004Brazil v Paraguay1–2Copa America
05 Jun 2005Brazil v Paraguay4–1FIFA World Cup
15 Jun 2008Paraguay v Brazil2–0FIFA World Cup
10 Jun 2009Brazil v Paraguay2–1FIFA World Cup
09 Jul 2011Brazil v Paraguay2–2Copa America
17 Jul 2011Brazil v Paraguay0–0 (0–2)Copa America

Note: The list was last updated on 25th June 2015.

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