Thursday , 2 February 2023

Andrea Pirlo And Balotelli Are Out Of Italy Euro 2016 Team Squad

Shocking news for Italy fans as Andrea Pirlo and Mario Balotelli are named out of Italy Euro 2016 Team Squad. Last time Euro cup was lifted by Spain, there was a team who headed to their dressing room with their heads low. Italy. And among them, a man who scored twice in the semi’s  against Germany, booking them a ticket in the finals- Balotelli , an extraordinary  forward. For everybody who thought only the surprises in football comes on field, a surprise have happened on paper. Balotelli is nowhere to be found on Antonio Conte’s preliminary 30 men Squad for Euro 2016. Mario Balotelli and Andrea Pirlo

Pirlo And Balotelli Are Out Of Italy Euro 2016 Squad

And the surprise became even overwhelming as Andrea Pirlo, the golden old play maker joins Balotelli. Pirlo was an important part of the runner up of last Euro cup. He was a true idol of adaptation and passion as even at his age, even the quickest players had a tough time trying to put an end to his run, or even clearly his ‘jog’ on the field. The quickness, laser like  pinpointed  accuracy of his passes and  the absolute extreme no of chances makes him one of the dangerous players  of the time. Yet Conte seems to had no idea of considering him for the Euro 2016 squad. Read: Spain Euro 2016 squad It’s been quite a surprise to have seen these  two off the squad list of Italy. Pirlo have been playing in New York City FC and as for Balotelli, his journey to AC Milan had been a tough one. The player struggled at Liverpool by only being able to net four in 2014/2015 campaign. Now he has started writing a new chapter in his career as he is performing well as well as believes that he can prove his critics wrong. Read also: Team squad of England for Euro 2016 As we look at the players on an overall game, both of them can’t be considered as the brightest as they had even better times in their career.still they has a lot more to contribute and they can. Pirlo is already pushing forward at an age of 37 with his ever green youth of  mind. For him age is not something that matters in football. Balotelli is already on a road of comeback. We can’t say that Conte’s boys are weak without these two, but it certainly  won’t be the same. The coach had nothing to point out as a reason for the ignorance towards these two.  Now the only question is, would the coach Antonio Conte  who’s packing his bags after the tournament to Chelsea, have to regret his decision or not. It will certainly be answered  soon as the first match kicks off on 13th June against Belgium, a great threat. Until then it’s a matter of waiting.

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