Monday , 6 February 2023
Alvaro Arbeloa reply to Gerard Pique

Alvaro Arbeloa’s Reply To Pique’s Comment “Arbeloa Is Not A Friend”

The war of words between Gerard Pique and Alvaro Arbeloa continues. Looks like two defenders of El Clasico clubs are no in condition to be friend of each other. In a recent interview of Real Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa, he said he will defend Real Madrid from Gerard Pique’s taunts but he will ignore any personal attacks by the Barca defender. This means, Alvaro just wants to defend his team and he has no personal war with Pique. Read what Arbeloa actually said. Alvaro Arbeloa reply to Gerard Pique

Alvaro Arbeloa: I will defend Real Madrid, but ignore personal attacks

If you have remembered that Barca defender Pique said “Arbeloa is not a friend, just someone I know”. Now the Real Madrid defender has spoken up about the comment stated by Pique. He said he had “not though about it a lot. Many people told me ‘You have to respond’. I have digested it enough.” 

“You usually heat up and respond straight away, but later you realize it is better to let the situation cool over and not say certain things. I could explain to the world why I am not Pique’s friend, but maybe he would not be in a good way if I did that.” “It’s also true that I know his family, and the respect I have for them he does not have for mine. Our families are important. We hear a lot of claptrap and more or less you don’t care, but those closer to you suffer.” “Thinking about that, I preferred not to respond. I he attacked Real Madrid once again, I would have jumped, because I will defend them always.”

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