Sunday , 9 August 2020
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“algerian fans generate disturbance in france”

Algerian fans generate disturbance in France

Having defeated Nigeria 2–1, Algeria has been accessed to the final match of the Africa Cup of Nations. It gave green light to Algerian football lovers who started to celebrate that event, but their wild joy did a lot of harm to such French cities as Lyon, Marseille, and Paris.

As a result, up to 282 rioters were detained by the French police. Among the detained rioters, not only Algerian fans were presented but also those who protested for Bastille Day.

Rioters were actively involved in smashing property and setting fire to bins France’s capital during the country’s national holiday earlier in the day. The police had to utilize tear gas in Marseille as well as Paris. What’s more, in anticipation of riots, the Old Port area was closed in Marseille.

Christope Castaner, the French Interior Minister extended his thanks to the national police as well as firefighters who faithfully fought the riots and their consequences.

Last Thursday the football world faced similar brutal celebrations when Algeria faced a series of penalties versus the Ivory Coast.

“algerian fans generate disturbance in france”

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