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A Closer Look at Romelu Lukaku Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Some experts compare the Belgian striker with the Chelsea legend Drogba. They both are extremely powerful and quick-thinking when it comes to attacking play both out and in the box. Lukaku us very good at taking the full advantage of his height when scoring headers as well. The athletic-built player is 1.90 cm high (6.2 inches) while Lukaku weight is 100,2 kg (221 lbs). Such body stats make it very easy for the player to win any tackle, turn around and hit the net with the powerful strike. We should also mention good speed and ball control.
As for other Lukaku stats, they are as follows: 
  • 116 cm chest.
  • 5 cm biceps.
  • 84 cm waist.

Such measurements make it very hard for any defender to cope with Romelu on the pitch. 

A Brief Look at Lukaku Bio

Born on May 13, 1993, the Belgian striker is 26 years old. Hailing from Antwerp, Romelu was brought up by parents originated from the Democratic Republic of Congo. His father was also a professional soccer player. However, he was forced to give up football in search of other income sources to make the ends meet and prevent poverty. Lukaku was involved in sports from the very child making his parents very unhappy. They wanted him to read more books and get a higher education. Romelu loved watching English Premiership and started picking up some football skills on his own.
The boy played video games and football in particular, pretending his a soccer superstar. In 2003, he started his professional football career in KFC Wintam and one year later moved to Anderlecht. A few years later, he was spotted by Chelsea scouts and eventually brought to the British Isles. There he made a name for himself while playing in Everton and eventually moved to Manchester United where he still plays.

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