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Wayne Shaw being investigated by FA and Gambling Commission after eating pie stunt

46 y.o. Sutton goalkeeper Wayne Shaw was spotted eating pie at publicity. Gambling Commission has started and investigation if there was a violation of betting regulations. And now Shaw admitted that he knew company offered odds of 8-1 against his eating pie while Arsenal winning with 2-0.

Goalkeeper says he heard rumors about 8-1 odds and he didn’t take it seriously. But when Arsenal was winning the game he decided to give fans a bit of banter and do it. “It was meat and potato. And I got it at halftime at the kitchen. We are not allowing for betting, but I think there were a few people who backed the offer” says Shaw.

That kind of banter gave a reason to start an investigation. Intelligence director of Gambling Commission Richard Watson said: “In our sport, integrity isn’t a joke. And now we must establish what exactly happened.”

We can’t be sure if Shaw really had worked out pie trick with a betting company in advance. If that so, he might have had a good payment. And while the investigation continues rumors are spreading too.

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