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Jose Mourinho prepares a world record transfer with Barca’s star

As Spanish headlines say, Manchester United’s coach is making an incredible offer to Barcelona. And seems to be that his target is 25 y.o. star Neymar.

Man United is ready to invest a huge amount of money only to see the Barca’s captain in their team. If belief to rumors English club wants to invest some about £200 mln. That means Neymar’s payment will be £25 mln which twice bigger than now.

If it happens, the deal will be highest in the football history and Neymar became the highest paid player in the EPL. As it appears Neymar glad to accept the offer because it gives him an opportunity to escape from Messi’s shadow.

Still, there is another player. Chelsea also want to include Neymar in the list. Probably they couldn’t contend with the Red Devils but everything can change in the end.

Here what Neymar said about England League, “They have high-level coaches like Guardiola and Mourinho. Everybody would like to work with them. And in the EPM you never know who will be a champion. It’s always surprising and it’s always exciting. The Premier League really excites me and maybe someday I will play there too.”

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