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England vs Germany 1-0: Is It So Bad?

Yesterday England has lost to Germany with 1-0 in International friendlies. Still, Southgate says that it was a decent game and England has taken important experience, though. Surely England’s performance on the pitch was the second. Germany took an advantage and effectively played all time. At the end, Podolski made a great goal which made the game. Nevertheless, Tottenham midfielder ... Read More »

Zlatan: It’s Best Motivation When Playing Against Pep

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is motivated for coming game because of a feud with Pep Guardiola. And as it was revealed the enmity continues since 2009-2010, when Zlatan was under Pep’s command. They have worked together, but after only one season a tension between them has grown. Then Zlatan moved to AC Milan. Today they both play in the Premier League and ... Read More »

Lionel Messi has scored 40 times in each of his last eight seasons

For now, Messi is the only La Liga player who reached 40 goals in all competitions in each of the last eight seasons. At 2015 he once said,”I’m an alien that plays with humans”. And relying on statistics this theory might be truth. Yesterday he scored 2 goals against Valencia and it’s only 6 away from 500 goals in total ... Read More »

How eating bananas can make you popular?

During Manchester United vs FC Rostov match, Marcos Rojo was caught eating bananas right in the midgame. Probably, he was most talked player of the evening, for despite Man United win the match was really boring from both sides. Manchester managed to score only one goal than there was no interesting performance at all. Even fans have noticed about that ... Read More »

Gareth Southgate called up Jermain Defoe to England squad for matches vs Germany and Lithuania.

Gareth Southgate has recalled 34 y.o. centre-forward to the England squad. It’ll be his chance to make an international appearance since 2013. The invitation is a reward for an outstanding form in the Premier League. He scored 14 league goals but was overlooked by Sam Allardyce, who also had been England boss and Defoe’s coach. And while Harry Kane was ... Read More »